Counselor Kit, The College Board

This was a custom-designed direct marketing project for the College Board. The target audience of this mailing was High School Counselors to help them disseminate information about college planning, financial aid and making higher education a reality for as many students as possible.

The kit consisted of a custom box, brochure and customized USB flash drive in the shape of a pencil imprinted with the College Board’s logo and trademark of “Inspiring minds” and pre-loaded as a web key so that upon insertion the the computer, it launches the link to the College Board’s Counselor Resource Center, a professional site. The run on this pilot program was 5000 initially, but based on the success of this mailing, they plan to expand the program to over 40,000 registered counselor users of the College Board’s various public and professional sites.

I was involved in the concept, I did the comp layouts and was project manager in dealing with the agency the College Board used to do the design.

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