TMP Worldwide – Training

When I first began working as Director of Production at TMP Worldwide‘s New York office, I faced a difficult situation. I found the department in disarray. Full-page Sunday New York Times ads often contained typos and other basic errors. I took stock of the personnel, kept those I could, replaced those I needed to, and within two months print errors were reduced to less than 1% for all ads — including newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.

Meanwhile, I had to educate account executives with regard to technical knowledge about how ads are made, and was brought in as a subject matter expert to meetings with clients, to answer their questions and help sell products. I spoke at executive meetings on a monthly basis about file preparation issues, and how they could better serve their clients by asking better questions.

After nine months, I was promoted to National Director of Production. I traveled to and from TMP‘s smaller offices in Chicago, Louisville, Orlando, Boston, Indianapolis, and Miami, evaluating and consulting on process efficiencies, and teaching layout principles and file optimization for print and online media.

I was responsible for implementing eSend, an order entry and tracking application I had helped beta-test and get up and running at my office. I helped with training, and creating documentation for the user interface. Once it was up and running, I was asked to close down the company’s remote production offices and moved the business to the central production facility I helped create in Louisville, Kentucky.

Offered the position of running the Louisville office, but not wanting to leave the NYC area, I declined, and was promoted to Systems Analyst for the eSend application. I went on to train users in the application, including those at international offices in the UK and Australia, who had their own custom versions of eSend.

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