National Director of Production, TMP Worldwide

I was the National Director of Production for TMP Worldwide.  I managed a company-wide staff of over 100, including designers, production artists, proofreaders, and copywriters, who produced all newspaper, online, and magazine recruitment advertising for clients including over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.

I created the framework for an online order entry and ad tracking application which became the first of its kind in the industry. My NYC department was then asked to beta-test this application before its company-wide rollout.

I also acted as product manager for the construction of a central production facility in Louisville, Kentucky that did all of TMP‘s ad and collateral production for the whole country, to increase efficiency and cut costs by eliminating their smaller, individual production departments.

Through the system I devised, we reduced errors from 10% to less than 1% per year, thereby saving the company a great deal of lost revenue to newspaper and magazine misprints.

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